Tree ring research on conifers in the Alps
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Rolland C. (1995). Tree-ring and climate relationships for Abies alba in the internal Alps.
 Tree-Ring Bulletin, Vol 53, pp 1-11.
  • LANGUAGE English with French and German abstracts
  • SUBJECT Ecology, Response to climate
  • KEY WORDS White fir, Correlation functions, Climate.
  • SPECIES Abies alba Mill.
  • SITES Briançonnais, South-East of France, Alps.

  • The relationships between the tree-rings of the White Fir (Abies alba Mill.) and climate in the French internal Alps are indicated by correlation functions. This fir shows an accurate response to climate as well as long term persistence for at least six years (MS=0.18, R1=0.65, and R6=0.27). Its growth is strongly influenced by the previous year's climate, especially by prior August rainfall, which enhances ring size, or by high temperatures, which show the opposite effect. The most critical period extends from prior July to prior September. This species responds positively to warm temperature from current January to April, followed by rainfall in May and June, which leads to a longer growth period. A favourable water balance seems to be decisive. Abies alba can be affected by frost and seems to prefer a low thermal amplitude as demonstrated by the analysis of the extreme temperature data. Moreover, even a few days of excessive heat can reduce its growth.
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