Tree ring research on conifers in the Alps
Dendroecology, dendroclimatology and climatic studies

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Schueller J., Rolland C. (1994). Influence stationnelle sur la croissance du Pin à crochets (Pinus uncinata Ramond). Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Forstwesen, Sep 1994, Vol 145, n° 9, pp. 739-755.
  • TITLE  Mountain pine (Pinus uncinata) height and radial growth in various growth conditions.
  • LANGUAGE French with German abstract
  • SUBJECT Ecology, Tree Growth
  • KEY WORDS Pinus uncinata, radial growth, altitude, slope, exposure.
  • SPECIES Pinus uncinata Ramond.
  • SITES Briançonnais, South-East of France, Alps.

  • Fifteen forests with mountain pine (Pinus uncinata Ramond) are studied in the Briançonnais and the Queyras (in the driest part of the French Alps), in various altitudes, soils and exposure conditions. Dominant tree heights are measured, and 270 cores with 41 151 ring-widths are analysed with dendroecological methods. The optimal growth of this species is observed on subalpine northern slopes with calcareous soils (where the mean tree height is 17.7 meters), whereas the trees measure only 13.4 m. in the siliceous subalpine area, and 12.3 meters at the lowest altitude. At 100 years old, the trunk radius is comprised between 4.8 centimetres and 11 cm, and the mean radial annual growth ranges from 0.48 to 1.10 mm per year. On calcareous soil, the growth is +14.2 % better for South facing slopes than for the northern ones at low altitudes, and +18.6 % at high elevations.
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