Tree ring research on conifers in the Alps
Dendroecology, dendroclimatology and climatic studies

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Rolland C., Cadel G., Schueller J. (1995).Typologie forestière des Pinèdes à crochets du Briançonnais et intérêt dendroécologique. Ecologie, 26 (4), 195-213.
  • TITLE How herbaceous plants may be used in tree-ring analysis of mountain pine forests in the Briançonnais.
  • LANGUAGE French with English abstract
  • SUBJECT Ecology
  • KEY WORDS Ring-width, Mountain pine, Growth, Herbaceous plants, Factor analysis.
  • SPECIES Pinus uncinata Mill. ex Mirb.
  • SITES Briançonnais, Queyras, South-East of France.

  • One hundred mountain pine forests are studied in various conditions of soil, altitude and exposure in the Briançonnais and the Queyras, located in the French internal Alps. Thus, seven groups of forests with homogeneous vegetation are described with characteristic species. The influence of the humidity, thermal contrasts and soils are underlined, and tree-height is used to compare the growth of these forests. Then a dendroecological analysis is carried out on 15 sites chosen in different conditions. Results show how plant analysis may be used for dendroecological studies.
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